Welcome Black Mage’s! …(and other friends)

… to the further adventures of The Black Mage, Vivi Ornitier

FFXIV ARR Screenshot 5 582 Welcome Black Mages!  ...(and other friends)

These are my adventures into a Realm Reborn: Final fantasy XIV 2.0. You may remember me from Final fantasy IX as the Lovable Black Mage, in a blue suit. For those unfamiliar with my story I present my History.  Be sure to read the Prologue to these new adventures and of course my latest Musings.  

Lately I have been asked on a regular basis, “How can I too become a Black Mage in Final Fantasy XIV?”… Well, No one is really sure yet, The Realm is still being Reborn (in closed beta testing) But I recently had a dream that may shed some insights from previous experience.. a De Ja Vu.. if you like.

For aspiring and curious acolytes that are interested in a taste of the Dark Arts and prepared for the terrible secrets of my Arcana, I offer you the SpellsSkillsArtifactsEncounters, and Theory Crafting within. 

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